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We aim to provide information, humor, support and tidbits about rescued Vizsla.


We are a 501c3 non-profit organization, formed in 2001 to help rescued Vizsla dogs in need. We are an independent group, not affiliated with any regional or national club.



We raise funds to aid in the special medical needs of rescue Vizslas.
We will not be involved with the individual rescue of dogs.

The Vizsla Rescue Fund, Inc's mission includes: production of fund raising projects to assist rescue coordinators and individuals directly involved with Vizsla rescue; contributions to the financial requirements of the Vizsla rescue community and production of rescue related educational materials including a web presence.

Tax deductable contributions can be donated online through PayPal as well as MAILED TO:

Vizsla Rescue Fund, Inc.
2063 Main Street #300
Oakley, CA 94561